Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda &

Photos Albums of Work on the Peace Pagoda, Temple, Gardens and other buildings are ordered by year and can be seen by clicking here.

The Darjeeling Peace Pagoda

The same architectural design is being used for the Peace Pagoda in the Smoky Mountains. This is what we're working towards!

Spring Work Party, May 5 through 27, 2018:

Another concrete pour accomplished.

We now have about three more concrete pours to finish the dome, plus a pour for the staircase from the first walkway to the second. That latter task, the staircase, is probably going to be our next project. 

The Spring Work Party had more than 40 participants over three weeks, many not pictured here because I have trouble keeping up with it all! The main project was the build and secure the forms for the next 8 feet and to get that concrete poured. All that was accomplished safely, and we are grateful for that.

The 8 feet of wall includes the four niches where 15-feet high Buddha statues will be enshrined. Those statues are being made right now in Japan, and we will be making a trip there later this year to check on the progress.

Next work party is October 13 through November 4. Please join us!

Fall Work Party, Oct. 14 thru Nov. 5, 2017

A concrete pour and more ....

In January of this year (2017), we ordered four Buddha statues in Japan for the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda. ​Each statue will have a different mudra or hand position, expressing a sacred action. They will face the cardinal directions: north, south, east and west and, since molds are right now being made, our task for the fall work party was to begin to create the space -- Buddha niches -- where these statues will be enshrined. These statues will stand about 15 feet tall including the base.

We had help come from as near as Cosby and as far as Japan. The pour was successful and forms started going up for the next eight feet of the Peace Pagoda. The winter months mean a lull in construction, but work will resume in February. Please come and see the progress!